Carl Goran Olsson

Carl Goran Olsson

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We have been there – right where you are now. 

We have moved across the street; we have moved across the world. We have done it all. We know what hassles and stresses are often involved when selling a home in one place and buying a home in another. It is because of this experience that we are better able to assist you with a move that is as simple and easy as possible.
We have developed a team of professionals that listen to you. This is the first and most important part of our job. Defining your needs is important to end any confusion you may have so that you are comfortable with the home buying and selling processes. We share the same goal as you: getting the results you desire in a timely and professional manner. Here at the Vertex Team we believe this can only be accomplished through dependable full-time service, and a “Client first” approach.

To successfully fulfill our obligations to our clients, it is essential that we maintain a knowledgeable understanding of the market, and that we continue to educate ourselves on the constant changes in the real estate industry. Education, experience, market knowledge, and common sense result in a high level of expertise designed to deliver the best possible reputation.Ultimately, our success is based on the satisfaction of our clients. We have a reputation for outstanding service that delivers great results. Home buying or selling can appear as prickly as a cactus, but we’re here to smooth the edges and help you “bloom in the desert”.

We represent your needs, desires, and circumstances

We listen, listen, and listen some more

We pledge to always be honest and forthright 


What Clients say

Simply said, Goran is a realtor who considers his job to be more than just buying or selling a house, but rather finding someone a home where their heart lives. Goran was recommended to us by a friend. He dedicated himself to being there from the start to the very finish, even going so far as to help us move in. He took us through what seemed like a hundred houses, patiently pointing out what was good & bad. When the final contract came to the table, he made sure to look out for our best interests. Through this journey, he became more than just a realtor, he became what we consider a dear friend."
Tara Washington 


Goran is a superb real estate agent. As a client, I never felt pressured to make a decision during the buying process and I always felt I could trust his advice if I asked for it. He was also very clear about what he needed from me on my end, in addition to being very knowledgeable in the industry. His genuine and relaxed demeanor came across as wanting what was best for me. I believe that this is something hard to come by and makes him stand out from other real estate professionals. For these reasons, I highly recommend his work."

Ryan Long


Goran sold me my condo in 2006. He worked tirelessly to help me realize my dream of owning a home. Goran is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to buying and selling homes; once you meet him, you can see his passion for helping others who are looking to buy or sell! I'm glad i chose Goran as my realtor because his expertise was what led me to close successfully on my home!"

Willie Stover


We used Goran when we were going through a short sale. Although the bank made it an extremely difficult process, he stayed on top of everything and made sure things kept moving along. He was extremely helpful and was very easy to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a realtor."

Michelle Stallone


Dear Göran,

This note is to let you know how much value you added to my life, beyond the monetary, in the recent sale of my home in Fairfax, Virginia.  My dislike of procedures like those involved in selling a house is legendary.  The idea of selling a house from a few thousand miles away was downright frightening. As an out-of-state seller needing to make a string of important legal, financial, and structural decisions from a distance I had to depend on your advice and characterizations to an uncommon extent.  And it proved to be one of the smartest things I have ever done.

I might be an unusual homeowner in my strong desire to avoid knowing about codes, regulations,  laws, HUD requirements, inspections, appraisals, closing costs, title searches, and how they apply to me as a seller. But, looking back at the whole process, coming up with a selling price, and creating a list of necessary repairs and upgrades, you made this whole blooming, buzzing confusion not only understandable but rather easy. The patience and tolerance you displayed, especially when I needed to sound-off about my discontent and confusion with the process, was a major source of reassurance and comfort for me.  You repeatedly lowered my stress levels when I faced a new delay, decision, or document.  Your control of the fixed and moving parts of this transaction was expert and professional in every detail.  I was impressed and now full of thanks for all of it.

I was especially impressed with your sense of timing about getting the house on the market and the repairs finished in an amazingly short time.  My nervousness about the whole preparation for sale proved to be quite unnecessary when again and again your recommendations turned out to be accurate and moved the process (and me) along at a speedy clip.  You represented me before the artisans, the buyer, the bankers, and the settlement company no doubt better than I could have represented myself. So my thanks for that too.

I think it fair to say Göran that you not only earned your money (commission), but you earned even more of my respect, trust, and gratitude.  The darn process went so well I am now considering buying another house just so you can sell it for me!  I joke, but I do seriously think that if the industry had a lot more Carl Göran Olssons in it, America would have a much healthier, happier population of home buyers and sellers.

Thanks to you and your company for blue ribbon, 5-star service,

/Dr. B. Brown